Religious and scientific truths

(The Leaven –  an investigation into the relationship between science and religion (cont)… )

Science and religion are often in contradictory hemispheres even though they originate from a similar train of thought. Both are the products of curiosity, they are both concerned with discovery and both seek answers to similar questions. It is not then surprising that the outcome of scientific and religious investigation share the same fate, they are both recorded for future reference, in perhaps what is a kind of altruistic obligation to benefit others.

Perhaps one of the most instantly recognised written example is the Bible, a colossal documentation of spiritual endeavour, consisting of around seventy books, arranged within two testaments. The two testaments were written in quite different states of history. The Old Testament emerged during the decline of Egyptian supremacy over the Israelites, while the New Testament was compiled during the height of the Roman Empire.

The doctrines in the Bible were written at a time when there were countless mysteries underlying biological and natural processes. The nature of several of these processes, such as evolution and disease, were not understood and therefore thought to be the intervention of powerful deities. Not surprisingly, advances in science have challenged the logic behind many ancient ideologies. The development of microscopic techniques has revealed the causative agents behind several diseases, while radiocarbon dating and DNA profiling have added new dimensions to archaeological and evolutionary theories. Even so, there are still many uncertainties associated with disease and evolution that science has yet to unravel.


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