..religion and science both search for truth.. but in opposite directions

[The Leaven –  exploring the relationship between science and religion (cont)]

In general religion and science are viewed with equal reverence within societies but pathways to their enlightenment take different routes.

In science, hypotheses are presented, they are tested and new paradigms emerge. Procedures are recorded, usually in meticulous detail, so that experiments can be replicated for others to contribute to an ongoing cascade of research. Some experiments may denounce a particular hypothesis while other experiments reinforce it, leading to the image of a progressive state of science that continually challenges and evolves.

In many ways the Bible can also be looked upon as a book of hypotheses, many of which have been challenged by scientific evidence or changes in social practice while others have withstood investigation and social scrutiny. Perhaps a fundamental difference between scientific and religious investigation is that in science, although preceding work is cited, information is usually resourced from the most recently published work. Whereas, in theology, the origin of the research stems back to the initial philosophies recorded in an officially sanctified book and subsequent research is in justifying these ideals. Thereby there is a contrasting image of these two disciplines.

Modern science has become technological and ever advancing in an uncontrolled bravado of satisfying and enriching human culture, sometimes irrespective of the consequences. Whereas, religion tends to treads warily, fearful of disrupting the balances of nature that are governed by laws that preceded civilised life.


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