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Pharmaceuticals: a science-based industry influenced by profit. Image:bio+ve

I’ve now posted most of the initial stages of a  book that I’ve been working on. It’s about how leaven in the Bible is interpreted through the mind of a slightly deluded, molecular biologist specialising in yeast research.  In many ways, the scientific community is similar to  religion. Many people who work in it are doing so to benefit others in a collaborative effort that is occasionally overidden by other influences.  In fact leaven is used in the Bible to metaphorically represent how influence permeates through society. It has as much relevance in science as it does in religion. Money seems to fuel the same kind of corruption in science  as in religion, leading to conflict and controversy. Also both science and religion seem to discriminate against women. This all seems to have been affirmed by Paul the Apostle.. who seems to be, hypocritically, under a leaven-like influence. Paul wrote a few of the books in the New Testament but seems to have never witnessed the teachings of Jesus first hand. I believe it’s time that a pop science book addressed equality. If you’d like to read my efforts so far and leave any comments (good or bad) please visit the Leaven.


Attempting to write a popular science book

A few years ago I came up with the idea for a popular science book based on my specialised subject which is yeast molecular biology. I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship between science and religion so the book is about how the microscopic world was viewed in the biblical era and aims to demonstrate the impact Christianity has had on science.  My goals are to discuss how  uncertainties surrounding microbes were viewed in the Bible and the religious views surrounding molecular biology or genetics today using yeast for illustrative purposes. My aim is to present these views impartially without presenting a negative view of religion.  Although I don’t follow any particular religion,  I’m a big fan of the new testament and love the way that Jesus used parables to describe philosophies of life. In fact, the book is focused on the parable of the  leaven, which is one of my favourites.

This half-finished book has been festering on my computer for quite a few years now for a number of reasons. Firstly, I’m limited to views in the Bible because that is the only religious work I’m familiar with. Secondly, my style of writing is not that great so it takes me ages to edit everything. But mainly, because I’m really lazy… I have  done quite a lot of background reading though. I thought a way to cope with this creativity inertia would be to start a blog of the book and that way I can also insert links to wikipedia and some illustrations. When I’ve completed it I will transform it into an ebook and publish it on WattPad or whatever is available at that time.  My conscience will be clear of it and it can fester away on some dark dusty cyber-shelf instead of my computer. I will of course acknowledge any person that may have contributed to its creation.